Inna Zharuk

Inna Zharuk

Hello, guys!

My name is Inna Zharuk and I love English grammar! For many years I have been teaching grammar at various levels to different students. This has certainly helped me to develop a bunch of ideas how to turn boring rules into easy and fun activities.

I have created my grammar podcasts to help all English learners to save their time and get the most out of simple and user-friendly explanations.

I hope you will find my podcasts useful and interesting! And I will do my best to support you by writing many more easy things to help you master your English grammar!

  • Do you like retelling stories or events? Then you will need to know everything in this podcast! Written and voiced by Inna Zharuk

    Added 17.10.14
  • There is and There are are constructions which are very common in the English language. Listen to this podcast to learn how to use them correctly.   Written and voiced by Inna Zharuk

    Added 16.04.14
  • LEVEL 2, 3

    This podcast tells you about Gerund (-ing form of the verb), when we use it and why.    Written and voiced by Inna Zharuk

    Added 12.02.14
  • This podcast tells you about two most common ways to express future in English.   Written and voiced by Inna Zharuk

    Added 29.11.13
  • LEVEL 2, 3, 4, 5

    For non-native speakers of English using articles is a big challenge, but most article usage has a logical explanation.  This podcast tells us about the zero article. Written and voiced…

    Added 22.11.13