Olha Yankova

Olha Yankova

  • Living in Montana means ignoring squirrels, being crazy about the sky, going to rodeos and having mountains in your backyard. Want to know more? Listen to this podcast.   Voiced…

    Added 16.10.15
  • Today we are going to talk about -th- when it sounds like [ð].    Voiced by Jacob Howard and Oleksandra Mazur

    Added 08.04.15
  • Listen to all the necessary words and expressions to discuss work conditions. And isn't it a interesting idea for a business?   Voiced by Jacob Howard and Sophia Pelivanova

    Added 23.03.15
  • White sand beaches, turquoise-blue-emerald water, coral islands, rainforests, proboscis monkeys, magic fireflies... It's not a dream, it's Sabah!   Voiced by Gregory Theiner

    Added 09.03.15
  • A perfect job for your friend is not always a perfect job for you.  Is your current job a perfect job for you?   Voiced by Jacob Howard

    Added 02.03.15