Bad Influence

Bad Influence

LEVEL 3, 2 |

There are so many ways to change people's beliefs and behaviors. Learn more about them to avoid bad influence.


Voiced by: Gareth Mcneill 

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

We all live in the modern world, which is full of all kinds of things that have a strong influence on us. We may not even realize it, but they affect our world outlook, behavior, needs, choices, etc. Every single day somebody is trying to brainwash us and make our choice for us using various methods. There are certain major factors that have a negative influence on our personalities and turn us into empty-headed zombies who help certain people obtain more power or make even more money.
The first is religion. Its main goal is to stop us from using our own intellect and to hammer in our heads the dogmas of faith. Everyone knows that religion was created in order to control people. It brainwashes us, making us stupid, weak-willed and limits us in its own narrow frames. It's a great and “legal” way to take money from people. Religion seizes power, turning us into slaves. It hides all its tricks behind spiritual purity. And, moreover, it's addictive.
The second is food. The modern food industry reduces people's lives to an endless process of consuming popular, fashionable products that are unhealthy or even dangerous for us. Today's food satisfies only our senses and provides our bodies with nothing but fat and carbohydrates. It encourages and satisfies our animal instincts and desires. Many of us have forgotten about the importance of healthy nutrition. We eat junk-food because it's popular, cheap and incredibly delicious.
Drugs, cigarettes and beer are other factors that have a harmful influence on our body and mind. They cause addiction, decline and self-destruction. Moreover, they have genetic influence on future generations.
Television is the easiest and most popular way to brainwash people. It has an incredible impact on us, dictating behavioral patterns in all kinds of situations. There's no room left for thinking and analyzing. Television forms our outlook. It promotes the interests of its owners, making us do whatever they need us to do. Television causes addiction.
Mass media is the source for information about everything that goes on around us. As we aren't able to know everything that happens in the world, it is the easiest way to find out the latest news. But in most cases, mass media form our understanding of everything that happens by means of substituting truthful information by misleading - by dissembling or distorting certain information or intentional lies. It is one more way to spread propaganda.
Porn was intended to encourage and satisfy our animal instincts and desires. It creates misconceptions about two sexes, causing different kinds of disorders.
The ideology of consumerism was intended to create the desire to consume different goods or services we don't really need. It is cultivated by fashion and advertising. It captures our attention, brainwashes us and makes us really believe we need to own all those useless products.
One more factor of influence is education, both at school and university. It provides too much needless theory and too little practice. Very often the information taught consists of many disconnected facts that do not represent the full picture of the world. It doesn't teach people to study and think, making a lot of people an empty-headed crowd. Our education system knowingly hammers into our heads contradicting information, which later causes conflicts.
So let's not turn into empty-headed consumers. Let's use our own brains and not fall under anyone's influence.