Both, Always Take Both

Both, Always Take Both

Do you like poems? Our creative author prepared a nice one specially for you! Let’s learn English with fun!


Voiced by Cheryl White

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Ryan is younger, and Robert is older.
Ryan is cuter, but Robert is stronger.
Ryan is more… I don't know, self-assured.
Robert is wiser, as he's more mature.
Ryan is healthier-looking, and taller,
Robert is dangerous, a rock'n'roller.
Both of them make my heart beat so much faster…
Choosing between them is – urgh! – a disaster!
Ryan's the guy you can bring home to dinner:
He's the most charming, he's clearly a winner.
Anyone's parents will certainly swoon,
Asking, “So when is the wedding? Quite soon?”
Robert? A totally different story.
He is the one who will fill you with worry.
He's the most reckless, the mover, the shaker,
And above all, he's the worst trouble-maker.
Oh, if I could – yes, I'll swear under oath, -
I would most certainly go out with them both.
There's just one problem. It's easy to spot.
They live in Hollywood, and I do not.
There in the La La Land my Ryan croons,
There as the Iron Man Robert fights goons.
Which one's the best? Does it really matter?
None is for me, and I should know better.
But in my dreams, which are sweeter than wine,
Both of them are undeniably mine.