Discover India. Shopping at night

Discover India. Shopping at night

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Voiced by Vivica Williams

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Did you know that the average temperature in the GOA region is around 30 C.? But it actually can be up to 45 degrees. And as you can imagine daylight shopping can be quite strenuous. So what's the way out, you ask? Simple. Just shop at night.  However unusual and bizarre this idea might seem but there is a so called “Saturday night market” where you can shop till you drop all night. And that ‘s exactly what I did and I ended up spending 5 hours there.
“Arpora night market” is a mixture of the usual kind of market and a flea market, meaning you can buy anything there. Numerous stalls and kiosks sell local and foreign merchandise. There is a huge choice of souvenirs, leather bags, cotton clothing, vintage items, jewellery and much more. And don't forget about legendary Indian spices and tea. Of course some bargaining should be done as in any other place in India. And even of you hate the process, just like my good self, believe me by the end of your trip you'll be a professional haggler.
Apart from that this market can offer you some live entertainment with bars and food corners. You'll be astonished at the varieties of snacks and drinks sold. They are gathered from all over the world: Indonesia, Spain, China, Japan, Mexico and Italy. For the first time in my life I tried incredibly tasty Spanish paella.
What's good is that the entry to this market is free, but if you can call yourself a shopaholic, you are in big trouble.