Discover India. Where to stay

Discover India. Where to stay

India is a unique travel destination that's growing in popularity all the time. Thinking of visiting India? Listen to our podcasts about India and get more informed and inspired!

Voiced by Bob Skinner

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There are two possible types of accommodation in India- cheap and very cheap. And that's good news. However there is one significant fact to consider: hotels with 4-5 star ratings just don't exist there (apart from maybe a dozen). So either you prepare yourself to bearable living conditions or give up the idea of going to India. And that's bad news.
To start with there are various options of settlement on India's West coast and resort cities: hotels, guesthouses, villas, beach houses and huts. Budget travelers can easily find themselves some place to crash for 300-500 rupees. Huts are popular alternatives to hotels. If you are travelling with friends a villa is a nice choice because of the local colonial flavor you'll be able to experience.
As for me, I was staying in a nice small hotel with traditional architecture in Baga area. It had its own small car park and a reception with a tiny open-style lobby. Among the services that can be of use I can mention laundry, room service, free telephone calls from reception and a wake-up call. My room was quite spacious and actually had some kitchen area with a fridge, a kettle and a couple of cups. I cannot but compliment the quality of mattress and sheets in my room which for me is quite important. The staff was efficient and did its best to satisfy all guests' needs. The buffet breakfast was really nice compared to other places.
All in all my advice is to spent some time surfing the Internet in search for nice and presentable hotel and read as many reviews as possible. Better be safe than sorry.