No More New Year Resolutions

No More New Year Resolutions

Do you like making to-do lists and set new goals on New Year?


Voiced by Cheryl White

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

I'm the one who likes making to-do lists and then crossing out the things done. I make lists for both daily chores and enjoyable plans for the night like going to the cinema or for a coffee. New Year resolutions is a special genre for lists addicts. But think of the goals you set on last New Year. Learning a new language? Trekking in Nepal? Moving from parents? Starting a PhD? Wasting less time on Facebook? I bet you screwed it. New Year resolutions just don't work. They make us depressed. I don't know anyone who completed their New Year list. However, I know many who were drown in their feeling of guilt and compulsive setting of new goals.
New Year is coming soon with its sophisticated tradition of making wishes. To make your wish come true, you should follow weird rituals like drinking your glass of champagne in one sip; eating twelve raisins when clock is striking midnight; writing your wish on a piece of paper, burning it at midnight, putting its ashes into your glass of champagne and drinking it immediately to make your wish come true. Sometimes it can be even funny.
Still, this New Year I'll make a revolution, not a resolution. I'll set zero goals and see what the upcoming year will bring me to.