OK Google, where is my second sock?

OK Google, where is my second sock?

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Ok Google, where is my second sock? 
Thinking about loneliness while looking for the sock...

Voiced by Slava Svitova

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OK Google, where is my second sock?

OK Google, where is my second sock? Aha, so you wish to solve the Missing Sock Mystery! Well, you are not alone, my friend, you are not alone as Michael Jackson romantically sings. Such supernatural disappearances of socks cannot be explained. There is simply no evidence whatsoever to prove logically why this striped red sock or this grey woolen sock or any other sock is missing out of the pair. Who knows? Maybe the washing machine, in fact, is the disguised Sock Time Machine, which works just like magic every time a sock wishes to escape the routine and somebody's smelly feet. Or, as some armchair experts claim, some socks successfully go through the washing procedures, but escape at the stage of being dried on a radiator or at a balcony. You see, socks are true freedom lovers by nature; they just cannot stand it when they have to be locked up either in somebody's boot or in the wardrobe drawer. Moreover, it is becoming a tradition that one sock per pair is the one who suffers and endures the hardships, and the other one is the fearless pioneer, the tireless globetrotter and enthusiastic adventurer, who will never ever follow your rules. Therefore, sorry, dude, but I have no slightest idea about where your second sock is. Erm, wait a minute! Did you check under your bed by chance