Summer Books

Summer Books

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Looking for a good book to read this summer? Look no further! Listen to our podcast – we’ve got the books that will keep you in a sunny mood all day long.

Voiced by: Ann Merrill

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Summer is the most romantic and cheerful time of the year. It's always unforgettable. And we always long for it, especially during the long winter evenings. These amazing books can help you to plunge into a warm summer atmosphere over and over again.
Jerome K. Jerome “Three men in a boat (To say nothing of the dog)”. This book is a humorous story of a boating holiday on the Thames. Three friends and the dog take a trip from Kingston to Oxford and face many hilarious adventures. The author describes human nature in such a funny manner, you can easily recognize yourself.
Ray Bradbury “ Dandelion wine”. This is a novel about a 12-years-old boy Douglas Spaulding from Green Town, Illinois. This book describes summer with its features that make it unforgettable, like sunshine, berries, silky grass, swimming, fun and the taste of the dandelion wine.
Mark Twain “The adventures of Tom Sawyer”. Probably, we all have read this book when we were kids. And it can deservedly be considered the most cheerful and summery. Funny adventures of naughty Tom can make anybody laugh and help to relax and recall own carefree childhood.
Julie Kraut “Slept Away”. This is a story about a 15-year-old Park Avenue princess Laney Parker. She lives in Manhattan and her summer entails exchanging her private school uniform for a bikini on a roof-top pool. But once she was sent to a Camp Timber Trails, a rustic summer camp, where she realizes how different life here is and that “Laney Parker” is no longer a synonym to the word “cool”.
Julie Klausner “Art Girls Are Easy”. This story is about an art prodigy and her adventures at the Silver Springs Academy for Fine and Performing Arts. It's a comedy of errors filtered through the satirical outlook of a girl who's been there, done that, and is just looking for an inspiration.