The Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse

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Solar Eclipse: can it really affect human behavior, health, or luck


Voiced by Cheryl White

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

John dragged himself home. What a hectic day he had! So many troubles and bad happenings. Everything started from the early morning. He woke up to the sound of a sudden ferocious yelling. The first time he heard it he thought it was a nightmare. But the shriek repeated. Thus, John was sure it was something criminal this time and immediately called the police. It turned out his neighbor upstairs was simply practicing scream therapy. What a fabulous beginning of the day! Just at this moment everything went wrong.

At first, John had an impromptu ice water plunge, for as no reason the hot water was over. Shivering from cold, he made himself a cup of hot tea and immediately burnt his tongue! Then it took him ages to find his left sock, and approximately the same amount of time to find his keys. Finally, he rushed outside to catch a taxi as he was badly late for work. A car whirled from around the corner, a dirty puddle suddenly jumped at him and John was covered in mud from head to toe. What a misery… As he was jogging to work that morning, he thought about how could all these things be possibly happening to him? Of course, he was told off by his boss for being disrespectfully late. It's useless to say that the whole day turned into a disaster!

Once at home, John poured himself a glass of milk and switched on the radio. He badly needed some relaxing music. But instead of his favorite jazz he heard the following: “… the solar eclipse doesn't mean that you're going to die or that demons are lurking in the darkness, however, at the time of a solar eclipse people are more likely to find themselves in nasty situations. So take care! And hopefully, the Solar Eclipse, which happened today, was harmless”. John froze. So the Solar Eclipse is to blame for it. As if to emphasize the radio message, a piercing shriek shuddered. “Oh my, – John rolled his eyes at the thought of his crazy neighbor – maybe I should try scream therapy one of these days too”.