Time Doesn't Exist

Time Doesn't Exist

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Does Time Exist only in our minds, or is it something real, that we should spend carefully? Listen to our podcast and try to answer this question by yourself. 


Voiced by: Redmond Red Doyle

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Most of us are unaware of time unless we are busy in some activity. We associate time with a watch ticking on a wrist, an alarm clock on a bedside table, or a calendar. It may seem that time is solid, and that we all live in a single stream, trying to get the kids to school on time, then trying not to be late to work, and then trying to finish a project in time. Sometimes we wish we had more time and sometimes we wish it was already bedtime. But a day consists of twenty-four hours, an hour consists of sixty minutes, and a minute consists of sixty seconds. That's just the way it is. According to Sir Isaac Newton, time is absolute. But what if somebody told you that time is just an illusion?
You probably know that there are three dimensions of space, but there is also a fourth one – the temporal dimension. These four dimensions form the completeness of the space-time continuum. One of the most important theories advanced by Sir Isaac Newton was the conception of absolute space and absolute time. According to his theory, time is a constant value in the Universe. It goes by without any external influence and it's equal for everybody.
But Einstein's Theory of Relativity contradicts Newton's ideas. Time passes differently in Kyiv than, for example, on Mars. Time changes when we move faster. And when Einstein published his theory, it changed everything we knew about physics. And nowadays there are followers of Einstein's theories that are willing to push his ideas to the max.
About forty years ago two physicists wrote an equation, which, if it is correct, proves that the notion of time doesn't exist at all. Their theory is rather confusing but it may be the truth. According to the theory, what we subjectively perceive as “time” is actually a measurable unit of the changes in the world around us. And the more we delve into the world of atoms, protons and photons, the less important time becomes.
The NIST (The National Institute of Standards and Technology) possess the atomic clock, which is considered the most accurate clock in the world. The time on the clock is determined by the digits on the clock face. However, the scientists from the NIST assert that their super accurate clock doesn't actually measure time at all. As a matter of fact, time is just a human concept that helps us keep our lives in order. If people haven't thought up the notion of time, we would live in total chaos.
Therefore, time doesn't exist, and it never did. People invented the concept for their own convenience. Instead, there are simply processes in nature that take place in one way or another.
So what is our relationship to time? We all know when we were born and we all know that eventually we will die. We realise that a certain amount of time is allotted to each of us. It is divided into years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. But very few of us understand that time doesn't exist at all. It's just a time reference system invented by people. Time is relative. Experimental data proves that it is just a measurement of the changes that takes place in space.
Today scientists have to admit that time doesn't exist in nature. So let me congratulate you guys. Another “scientific” myth is busted!