You Are Smarter Than You Think

You Are Smarter Than You Think

Are you an intelligent person? Do you have any doubts? Listen to our podcast and ensure that you have an acute mind!

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Sometimes it may seem that there are so many thick people around. But the truth is they are not that many, it’s just that they are usually the loudest. There are a lot of very intelligent people around us, but they prefer not to show off and draw needless attention to themselves. They are inclined to look and sound rather average, but they stun you with their wisdom. Here are some peculiarities of smart people. So if you find that some of them fit you, then you’ll probably be a lot smarter than you think.

Smart people are usually night owls. If you prefer staying up all night, you might be one of the smart ones. It doesn’t mean that working at night makes you smarter it just means that the night time is when you do your best work. I mean that intelligent people are inclined to be more active at night. While your friends sleep, you read, learn, create etc. And if you do all that while everyone sleeps, your knowledge and skills will be a big surprise to your friends.

If you are taciturn, you will most likely be very smart. Most people think that silent people are either introverts or socially awkward or something of that kind. It’s not necessarily true. Of course, not all quite people are smart, but intelligent people prefer to take some time to think and prepare an adequate answer. If you always find silence better than pointless small talk, it’ll be another indicator of your high intelligence.

If you always face your problems, you can also be extremely smart. So if you are the kind of person that welcomes challenges and happily leaves your comfort zone, you might likely have an extremely acute mind.
Birds of a feather flock together. Consequently, if you surround yourself with smart and creative people, it’ll mean you’re smart and creative as well. Of course there may be some exceptions, but if about 80% of people in your life are intelligent and creative, you’ll fit this description.
Maybe you are a perfectionist. You always strive to become at least a little bit better than you are now. And this perfectionist mentality is applied to every aspect of your life, from having a perfect appearance to having perfect handwriting. At the same time you are self-critical. Smart people are able to accept critique and are willing to work on their flaws.

If you are always busy with working on the whole bunch of various projects, you probably be bright. Most people like to keep busy, while intelligent people spend all their spare time doing something that helps them to develop and become better in one sphere or another. Of course there are exceptions and not all smart people are that productive, but it can be a good gauge of higher intelligence.

If you are a great listener, you might be very clever. You never try to interrupt a conversation not letting others say a word. Usually you sit quietly and listen. And you always ask the right questions and give great advice without imposition.