Vera Sokolova

Vera Sokolova

  • What are the reasons you blame your extra weight on?  Maybe it's time to stop having excuses and just do something about it!   Listen to the vocabulary list for this podcast   Written and…

    Added 06.06.16
  • Have you ever wondered why watching or reading news can often leave you feeling practically suicidal? Don't fall into that trap. Listen to this podcast!   Written and voiced by Vera Sokolova

    Added 02.12.15
  • Most people are absolutely sure they would be happier at work if they were paid more.But is that true? Listen and learn! Voiced by Patryk Lazarz

    Added 05.11.15
  • Have you ever heard of the IKEA effect? Do you knoe hoe this interesting effect can be used in business? Listen and learn!  Voiced by Oliver Sadler

    Added 04.09.15
  • Before planning your holiday check out this podcast! You might learn how to save on a room, car rent and other things. ENpodcast tells you all about collaborative consumption.  Voiced by…

    Added 14.07.15