3 Great Reasons to Blame Your Extra Weight On

3 Great Reasons to Blame Your Extra Weight On

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What are the reasons you blame your extra weight on? 

Maybe it's time to stop having excuses and just do something about it!


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Written and voiced by Vera Sokolova

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3 Great Reasons to Blame Your Extra Weight On

What is it about going on a diet that once you start, you inevitably start wanting highly-calorific food you didn't have any craving for before?

I could be called an expert here as to my knowledge, have gone on dozens of diets in the space of my not-that-long life. I do have a sweet tooth, moreover, when it comes to such highly appetizing things as fresh pizza or pasta, I get as nutty as a fruitcake and gobble it all in one bite, instantaneously forgetting my own pledge to stick to that diet.

I used to blame it all on my mom being a doctor. I had this theory. I was denied quite a lot of great but utterly unhealthy food in my childhood. Thus it's no wonder that I eat like a horse now that I have full access to it all. Mom got quite cheesed off when she heard about my theory, and expressed the idea that it had more to do with my willpower than her occupation.

But I didn't stop there. I figured out it must all be the result of my job, working till late and overeating before bed, thus nothing can be done about it. This comforting thought worked well, until I saw my previously porky colleague looking as thin as a stick insect. She told me she just got a grip on herself and stopped eating after six p.m.

I made a final attempt to make myself innocent and explained to everyone that the absence of a proper gym in the vicinity of my house is the true reason for all the extra weight. For some unearthly reason that was the time when I met one of my friends, who I know, had no gym around her either. Yet, she looked drop-dead gorgeous in a creamy dress going to work. Apparently, she started getting up at the crack of dawn and run a mile or two around her district every morning.

So I gave up, got off my bottom, found a gym, got myself a high-protein milkshake as an evening snack and stopped blaming my mom. Thus, if you see me in the street looking slimmer than usual, do come and pay a compliment, you know it doesn't come easy for me.