Victoria Reed

Victoria Reed

  • Europe teaches people how to behave. When you come to visit a european countries as a tourist, you are are often greeted by a letter telling what you can and cannot do. What a horrible way to start a…

    Added 21.04.17
  • How much money is in your bank account right now? Do you save money every month or do you spend all of your money?   Voiced by Ann Merrill

    Added 05.04.17
  • Nowadays, cheating has gone far beyond simply looking at a neighbor’s paper for an answer. Today’s students are finding new and more creative ways to get their work done for them.   …

    Added 03.04.17
  • Here is why you shouldn’t trust children. Listen and be warned!   Voiced Cheryl White

    Added 29.03.17
  • 4 reasons why you’ll be happier in a smaller home.   Voiced by Sydney Shore

    Added 24.03.17