Big Reasons For Tiny Homes

Big Reasons For Tiny Homes

4 reasons why you’ll be happier in a smaller home.


Voiced by Sydney Shore

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My husband and I are young soon-to-be homeowners. However, the more we research home buying, the more scared we feel. Yes, we feel frightened because of how much money homes cost, but we are also anxious about having such a huge home mortgage hanging over our heads. We don't know if we want to live in debt for that many years of our young lives.

So we did some digging, and we found something extraordinary! We discovered something called a tiny home! These micro homes are a miniature house built on an 8ft. x 18ft. trailer. People fit their kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, living room, and guest room in this minuscule area. The results are amazing. When my husband and I saw the pictures we knew that we wanted to build our own tiny home. We see four large advantages: financial, environmental, lifestyle, and space-saving.   

Debt-Free Living
The average house in the United States costs about $300,000. That's WAY more money than I make in a year! To have a “normal” house, I would have to get a long-term mortgage. That means I will be in debt for anywhere between 10 and 30 years! Plus, I will pay a lot of money in interest. The interest rate will change my home from $300,000 to a cost of about $500,000! That's too steep of a price for me!

Tiny homes, on the other hand, only cost about $35,000. That sounds dirt cheap for me! I can build a tiny home for $35,000 and pay it off quickly. That means I can own my own house and use all my money on fun things like traveling!
Green Living
The environment is suffering from a result of people using too many resources. I don't want to be a person who wastes resources. Many tiny homes use a minimal amount of water and electricity. It's easy to outfit a tiny home with solar panels. These can power all of the lights, water heaters, stoves, and heating in the home. Due to the fact that a tiny home is so small, it takes little to no energy to heat the space! In my opinion, a tiny home is the best way to live comfortably and respectfully.

Mobile Living
I am a young professional. I don't know if I will stay at my job forever. My husband or I might decide to move to a new place. If we owned a traditional home then we would have to sell it. Selling a house can be a real headache, and there's no guarantee that you will make all of your money back. However, owning a tiny home means that you can attach your whole house to a truck and drive your home with you wherever you want to go. Now you don't have to uproot yourself. You only need to drive to your new abode!

Ingenious Living   
Traditional homes have so much unused space. It's a waste to have several rooms when all of us only use a few of them. Why do I need more space? I need to use my space smarter. Tiny homes require ingenious storage solutions and multitasking furniture. Every item in a tiny home has more than one purpose and everything fits together like a useful and gorgeous jigsaw puzzle. It's like living in a giant game board!