Hiring a Car

Hiring a Car

Listen to this two dialogues to learn some very usefull phrases you need when hiring a car. 


Voiced by Olena Koshovska and Mickey Cesar

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Hiring a Car. Part 1

- Hello! I am wondering what's the rate for a medium-sized van is.

- Good afternoon. The daily rate is $55, and the weekly $365.

- Right then. I'd like to book one for next Friday, please.

- Have you got a current license?

- Yes, I've had one ever since 2007.

- OK. If you'll just fill up the form, I'll book the mini-van for you.

- Shall I call back for confirmation?

- Yes, please. Could you call us on Thursday morning?

- Agreed then. Thank you.

- Thank you. And have a good day!


Hiring a Car. Part 2

- Hello. Could you tell me the hire charge for minibuses, please

- You can have one for $55 a day, or $365 for a week. 

- All right. I'll take one for the week starting next Tuesday.

Is your driving license valid?

- Yes, there's no problem there. 

- Fine. We'll need some particulars and a daily hire charge deposit.

All right. When am I taking the minibus?

- On Tuesday at 9 o'clock, please. And you're returning it next Monday, 6 pm the latest. 

Thank you. See you on Tuesday then. 

You are welcome. Till Tuesday.