Inna Zharuk

Inna Zharuk

Hello, guys!

My name is Inna Zharuk and I love English grammar! For many years I have been teaching grammar at various levels to different students. This has certainly helped me to develop a bunch of ideas how to turn boring rules into easy and fun activities.

I have created my grammar podcasts to help all English learners to save their time and get the most out of simple and user-friendly explanations.

I hope you will find my podcasts useful and interesting! And I will do my best to support you by writing many more easy things to help you master your English grammar!

  • This is a list of phrasal verbs for Elementary level.  Prepared and voiced by Inna Zharuk For different levels see #phrasal verbs

    Added 18.11.15
  • Passive Voice is the topic that is used everywhere and by everybody. In today's podcast you will hear about its form and usage, and also about different small but important details.   Written…

    Added 10.11.15
  • The most common quantifiers are some, any, a or an, a lot of, many and much.  Let's find out what quantifiers are and when we use them.   Voiced by Kirsten Colquhoun

    Added 28.07.15
  • Impersonal Report Structures are used to show what people generally think or to report what people claim or believe is true.   Voiced by Kirsten Colquhoun

    Added 16.07.15
  • Have/get something done will be very useful if we want to show that we have asked someone else to do the job for us or to express unpleasant things which happen to us. Voiced by Kirsten Colquhoun

    Added 13.07.15