Discover India. Beaches

Discover India. Beaches

India is a unique travel destination that's growing in popularity all the time. Thinking of visiting India? Listen to our podcasts about India and get more informed and inspired!

Voiced by: Bob Skinner

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When I was planning my trip to India I'd been told that beaches there are beautiful; but I had no idea that they were so impressive. First of all it's worth mentioning that the number of beaches there are around 70. And it's quite remarkable. So you'd better spare 4-5 days of your trip just to explore the amazing beauty of the Indian coastline. What's more, Indian beaches will offer tourists anything ranging from solitude and pleasant warm water to wild parties.
As my point of destination was GOA and I wanted to be in the heart of it all I have chosen Baga area as my temporary place of stay. And I was right. Baga beach is one of the most crowded and lively beaches in all GOA (which for someone can be quite annoying, but not for me). It's flooded with so-called beach shacks (caffes) where you can treat yourself to some fine seafood and exotic fruit. Oh, you are not a gastrophile?! Not a problem - enjoy water sports, clubs or parasailing.
Gokarna Beach is located in the neighboring state, Karnataka. I ended up there during my one-day sighting tour. This beach offers absolute contrast to the one mentioned above. It seemed to me that it materialized from a dream: pristine landscape with boulders of different size, tall coconut trees, soft sand and nobody around. Sounds like a paradise? You bet!
And the last but not the least is Vagator beach. It will take you around 30 minutes to get there from the Baga area. Why this beach? Because it absolutely took my breath away. First of all it's quite remote, clean and peaceful.  There is no better place to enjoy a sunset.  When the darkness falls you can have a romantic dinner with your beloved one in numerous cafes at a cute candle-lit table.