Choose your side: Are you British or American. Episode 2.

Choose your side: Are you British or American. Episode 2.

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When you speak English it comes to the point where you have to choose your side: British or American

The differences between British and American English may cause some misunderstandings.


This is Episode 2 from the series which will guide you through those differences and help you to avoid those misunderstandings.


Listen to Episode 1 here


Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

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Choose your side! Are you British or American? Episode 2 

Hi, guys!

It's good to hear from you again.
So today I'm going to tell you about four more pairs of British vs. American words!

I explain – you guess. Remember?

This is a tasty treat, it is baked in the oven, it sometimes has chocolate chips in it.
What is it?
Right, it's a biscuit. Or is it a cookie?
If you like British, you call it a biscuit. If you are an American-English speaker, you thought about cookies.
So which was it for you? Choose your side.

Do you like cookies? What are your favorite kinds of biscuits?

I live in a big building. A lot of people live there, too. The building has many floors, I live on the fifth floor. I don't have my own house, I live in a building with many …. What?
Apartments? Or flats?
If you think like a Brit, then I live in a flat. If you like American English more, then I probably live in an apartment.

Do you live in an apartment or a detached house? Do you like it?

It is a big car that can transport huge things, such as a lot of products for supermarkets, or furniture. It looks like a very long car with huge wheels.
What is it?
Is it a lorry or a truck? Which did you choose?
If you're British, you chose a lorry.
If you're American, you chose a truck.
How do we call the guy who drives this car? Yay, it's a truck driver, or a lorry driver, whatever you like best!

Have you ever driven a lorry? Would you like to try riding in a truck?

What do we call the guy who walks around from house to house and brings us our letters and magazines?
Is he a postman? If yes, then you are British. What do we call this guy in American English? Yay, he's a mailman!
So who is he for you?

Do you know any mailmen personally? Would you like to be a postman?

So, are you British or American?
Watch out for our next podcast in this series!
Good luck!