5 things that will surprise you in Ukraine

5 things that will surprise you in Ukraine

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What can surprise you while living in Ukraine?

Let's find out!

Voiced by Chad Albright

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5 things that will surprise you in Ukraine

          For the past few years of my life, most of it has been in the lovely city of Kiev. It is a special place and I enjoy living here. So I have decided to mention five things that surprised me about Ukraine, some are pleasant and some are not. Here they are:

1. The women of Ukraine are gorgeous. Wow, the women here are so beautiful that I stopped counting how many beautiful women I saw within one hour of arriving in Kiev. I would say that 90% of Ukrainian women are gorgeous.

2. The deepest metro station is in Ukraine. The metro station, Arsenelna is the deepest in the world and is located in Kiev. I have been there and it takes over five minutes to get to the top after riding on two escalators.

3. Food from the supermarkets is not too expensive. If you buy Ukrainian items, fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables, you will be surprised how affordable food can be.

4. Ukrainians love mayonnaise. Don't get me wrong, I also love mayonnaise, but not the way Ukrainians do. I like a sandwich with mayonnaise but a lot of Ukrainians will simply eat bread with mayonnaise on it. To me, I think that is gross!

5. The best grilled meat I have ever eaten. Shashleek is a special way that meat is grilled and even though it is available in other countries, to me it is the best in Ukraine.