Anger Is A Normal Emotion

Anger Is A Normal Emotion

Do you feel bad when you get angry? Do you blame yourself? Please don’t. And here is why.

Voiced by Chad Albright

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         Do you feel bad when you get angry? Do you blame yourself? Please don't, because everyone gets angry. It is normal and even healthy to get angry. It is also unhealthy to repress anger, which means not react when angry and keep it in your mind. Over time, this can lead to serious health issues such as a heart attack, bronchitis, and ulcers. But how we respond to anger and how we express anger is what can make anger a negative sounding emotion. So how you handle anger is very important.

       But what is the right way to express anger without causing permanent damage, losing your job and/or friends, or being arrested? I myself have suffered from anger issues my entire life and still do. I have lost friends because of it and it still hurts to this day. I learn lessons through trial-and-error and as a result, I've learned better ways to handle anger. The first way is for extreme circumstances such as mine, and that is to not be ashamed to seek professional help. Society makes you think that it is bad to be mentally unfit and that is sad and untrue. Lucky for me, I sought help and it helps me be a better person. The second way is this: If you feel angry and you see people who did not make you angry, tell them that you are feeling angry about something and apologize in advance.  Lastly, if someone does something that makes you feel angry, tell them calmly. Do not suppress your feelings because it will only make you angrier.