Animal Idioms. Part 1

Animal Idioms. Part 1

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It's always easier to learn a new word in a context. 

The same goes with idioms! 

And with this great series you will learn 5 idioms with animals in just 5 minutes!


Written by Mary Mironova

Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

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Animal Idioms. Part 1

Hello, sweethearts Улыбаюсь 

How have you been doing lately? Are you ready for a new podcast? I've thought about different idioms that I've told you about, and I realized that I haven't told you any animal idioms! But don't worry. I'll tell you some of those right now.

Are you ready? Ok. Here is my puzzle for you.

This is a mammal, it is big and usually brown, and it really likes honey. I'm talking about a bear. But there isn't much honey in the forest, so bears are usually very hungry. They have a huuuuuge appetite. That's why when someone is very hungry we can say that this person is as hungry as a bear.

When was the last time when you were as hungry as a bear?
What do you do when you're as hungry as a bear?

 *  *  *  *  *

Ready to guess the second animal? It has feathers and it hunts at night. It lives in the forest and it hoots. It eats mice. Have you guessed? You're right, it's an owl!

What adjective comes to mind when you think about an owl? Do you think it's old? Is it dark? Is it sleepy? Ooooh..it's wise!

Do you know why owls are associated with wisdom? Well, I researched this question a little, and it turned out that Athena, the Ancient Greek goddess of wisdom, was often drawn with an owl. Also, wise old warlock Merlin is known to have an owl, and who can say that he wasn't wise?

So when we want to say that someone is very wise, what can we say? That's right, we can say that this person is as wise as an owl.

Do you have a friend who is as wise as an owl?
Do you often ask him/her for advice?

 *  *  *  *  *

Ok. Next animal. It's also a bird, but this bird has a very colorful tail which it can unfold when it wants to attract attention.

Well, can you see this bird in your mind? Do you know how we call it? It's a peacock!

Are peacocks shy? No, they're not. Are they sad? No, they're not. Are they sleepy? Nope. They're proud! Do you know why? Well, they show off before the female birds by opening their tails and displaying all the colors and patterns on it. They are very proud of that tail. So when a person is too proud, even vain, we can say that he or she is as proud as a peacock.

Have you ever been as proud as a peacock? Why?

*  *  *  *  *

Which animal roars? That's right, a lion roars. Is a lion a coward or is it brave? It's brave, of course. No wonder it's the king of the jungle!

So when someone is very brave, we can say that this person is…. Yay! As brave as a lion.

Are you as brave as a lion?

*  *  *  *  *

What do we call a baby sheep? Is it a puppy? No. Is it a kitten? No. Is it a calf? No, that's a baby cow. A baby sheep is a … lamb!

Are lambs rough or gentle? They are very gentle. So when someone is gentle, calm and kind, we can say that this person is as gentle as a lamb.

Is your mother or grandmother as gentle as a lamb? Are you?

*  *  *  *  *

And now get ready to answer my question. Which animal is considered to be the most stubborn in the world? That's right, a mule!

So when someone is very stubborn, we can call this person as stubborn as a mule.

Can you remember a situation when you were as stubborn as a mule

Well, now you know some idioms connected with animals!

Hope you learn them!

Good luck!


as hungry as a bear - голодный как волк (букв. голодный как медведь)

as wise as an owl - мудрый как сова

as proud as a peacock - горделивый как павлин

as brave as a lion - смелый как лев

as gentle as a lamb - кроткий как ягненок

as stubborn as a mule - упрямый как осел