Is Flirting Harmless?

Is Flirting Harmless?

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What is the difference between harmless flirtation and emotional cheating? Are you cheating by flirting? To find out the answer listen to our podcast.


Voiced by: Gareth  Mcneill

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Do you know anybody who is always flirting?
Is this acceptable behaviour? Who flirts the most men or women? Young or Old?
Some people are natural flirts, others are not, some people are good at flirting, and others are not so good.
So is flirting harmless? It depends on who is the target of your flirt, maybe that person is the better person to answer this question.
For sure there are some places where flirting is not acceptable, in a place of worship, a church for example, at a funeral, doctor surgery, also a hospital is not the most appropriate place to flirt.
What if you are in a relationship and you flirt with someone other than your partner? Is this still harmless or is it a form of cheating?
What is harmless flirting? Laughing, joking, and making romantic or sexual comments...
But if there is physical contact, surely this is not harmless flirting anymore, it's gone beyond that point, hasn't it? It is no longer harmless flirting if it leads to something else, something physical, something sexual.
And what if the target of your flirting feels uncomfortable? He or she may not like you flirting with them, they may not think it is appropriate behaviour, maybe even be offended by your so called harmless flirting.
Many things to take into consideration.
If it is just innocent, harmless flirting, is it ok? Yes or No?  Most people would probably think yes it's fine, but what if it was your boyfriend or girlfriend flirting with somebody else... How would you feel about that??
When is flirting not harmless fun? Let's conclude by saying...
If someone or somebody feels uncomfortable, upset, hurt or even offended by your harmless flirting then I think the flirting has become harmful and can no longer be considered harmless.