• If you live in Kyiv and are looking for the Mr. Right, Katletka is here to tell you where to look!    Voiced by Cheryl White

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  • Advantages of a new form of relationships “Friends with benefits”. No strings attached, just pleasure. And what do you think about it?   Voiced by Cheryl White

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  • What is the difference between harmless flirtation and emotional cheating? Are you cheating by flirting? To find out the answer listen to our podcast.   Voiced by: Gareth  Mcneill

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  • A contemporary major issue regarding the relationships between men and women can be found in the exchange of the stereotypical and traditional roles both men and women have nowadays.    Voiced…

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  • It is hard to imagine in what weird and sometimes even terrifying ways people tried to curry favor with their beloved ones in different times and different nations. So, listen about the weirdest traditions…

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  • Well, we are totally okay when a man and a woman are of the same age. And we are being very tolerant when a young woman is in a relationship with an old fart. But what if the opposite happens?  …

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  •  'What magic power would you choose if you could?' Krystyna Kovalenko chooses cooking!  Listen to this podcast to find out why.    Written and voiced by Krystyna Kovalenko

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  • Who said that for a healthy relationship there must be a man and a woman? Relationships can be different.    Written and voiced by Krystyna Kovalenko

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