Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

LEVEL 1, 2 |

Relations can be soooo complicated. Does your “yes” on a proposal insure a happy future life?


Voiced by Cheryl White

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Once upon a time I caught up with my long-term friend Pampushka for a glass of wine. She was under the weather and I asked her to tell me the whole story.
- Well, she started, I feel exhausted after my last relationship. Have a comfortable seat and listen. I met a guy and from the start we got on very well. So well that he proposed to me after two weeks.
- Oh really?
- However, he forgot to tell me that he recently broke up with the Love of His Life. Well, not really broke up. More specifically, put on hold. So when he made a proposal, I took my time to make a decision. He confessed to her about our relationship and she decided she wanted him back. At the same time, I said yes to his proposal, unaware of their ongoing discussion. As soon as he heard my “yes”, he decided to escape abroad to clear his mind, “Maybe for a week, maybe for the rest of his life.”
- What a jerk!
- He came back after some weeks and told me I should take my “yes” back since as a true gentleman, he couldn't take his proposal back. All this started to sound crazy. Later on he married the Love of His Life, but in a couple of years they got divorced. Now he's stalking me, saying that I'm his best friend ever and we should be good friends. I'm happy that our love affair failed and am trying to find way to get rid of him now.
- Waiter, another bottle of wine, please!