A Bad Date

A Bad Date

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A lot could go wrong on a date: The person you're currently sharing sweet potato fries with just might call his ex, or loose his tooth during the dinner. You could discover the two of you have zero chemistry on the romantic front. What can be worse? Have you ever had a really terrible date?

Voiced by: Kirsten Colquhoun 

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I live in Chicago, Illinois. I am single and do not have a boyfriend or a husband. Chicago is a very fun city to live in. Chicago is also a very fun city to date in. I enjoy meeting new people in my city. I like to go on dates with new people I meet. I think dating is fun. It is fun because I like meeting new people. Being on a date can be bad also. I had a very bad date last week. I did not have fun at all.

I had a date with a boy named Robbie. I met Robbie in front of a bookstore next to my favorite cafe. I was sitting in front of the bookstore at a table. The table had four chairs. I was the only one sitting at the table. Robbie walked out of the bookstore. He walked up to my table. Robbie asked if he could sit down with me. I said yes, and Robbie sat on my left.

I told Robbie that it was February 12th. That meant that Valentine's Day was two days later. Robbie said that he liked Valentine's Day. Then Robbie asked me to go on a date with him. I felt excited and happy to go on a date with Robbie. Then Robbie asked me a very difficult question. Robbie asked me where I would like to go on our date. I felt confused and nervous. Robbie told me that he wanted to take me to dinner in a rooftop restaurant. This idea made me very happy! I like being high up. Eating dinner on the top floor of a building sounded fun to me.

I waited patiently for Valentine's Day to come. I felt happy on February 14th because I was going on a date with Robbie. Robbie did not pick me up at my house. Robbie and I met in front of the Sear's Tower in downtown Chicago. The street was very busy and very noisy. There are many cars in front of the building. There is also a lot of traffic. All of the buildings near the Sear's Tower are tall skyscrapers. Each building must be forty stories high or more.

We walked down a very busy road to get to the restaurant. The restaurant was far away and we had to pass a lot of intersections to get there. We found the restaurant but there was a problem. Robbie didn't make a reservation for a table. The restaurant was very busy with couples celebrating Valentine's Day. We were unable to get a table.

Robbie felt angry and embarrassed. Robbie started yelling at the restaurant hostess. I felt embarrassed when Robbie started yelling in the restaurant. Robbie and I got in the elevator to go down to the street. I told Robbie not to worry about the fancy restaurant. Robbie yelled at me and told me to be less positive. I felt disappointed when he yelled at me.  

After that, I took Robbie to my favorite hot dog stand in the city. The hot dog stand was close to us so it wasn't a long walk. We crossed two intersections and walked four city blocks to get there. The hot dog stand was closed. There was a note on the door that said, “Closed for Valentine's Day. I'm takin' my wife out for a night on the town.”

I said goodbye to Robbie. I rode the subway home. I was hungry so I made dinner all by myself. It was a sad Valentine's Day for me.