Men and Women

Men and Women

A contemporary major issue regarding the relationships between men and women can be found in the exchange of the stereotypical and traditional roles both men and women have nowadays. 


Voiced by Kirsten Colquhoun

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Men and Women

In my opinion, a contemporary major issue regarding the relationships between men and women can be found in the exchange of the stereotypical and traditional roles both men and women have nowadays. The emancipation of women has resulted in strong, independent females along with this femme fatale image as depicted in modern Western culture. On the other hand, men have become these more vulnerable creatures accustomed to the likes of manicures and perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Many psychologists have come to call the 21st century the age of the masculine woman and feminine man. The aftermath of the First and Second World Wars changed the correlation between the number of men and women within a number of societies. While the male population was being decimated in action on the front line, the female population were left with the responsibility of a variety of male duties. Women worked on the home front and did their best to maintain and re-establish a collapsing war and post-war economy.

After the Second World War, a high proportion of returning male combatants were unable to significantly contribute to their given society and economy. Meanwhile women reclaimed most of their wartime responsibilities and kept some degree of control within society. This resulted in a redistribution of duties and priorities for women. These former delicate and vulnerable women were slowly becoming strong willed, tough executives. Little by little, men voluntarily gave up their role as head of the family. Such changes influenced many child-rearing ideals and practices. Girls were taught to be strong and determined, whilst boys were protected and pampered, as the world cried out for a generation of young and healthy men. As a result, women became much more independent and self-reliant, and a new generation of men became more dependent on the care they received from a female (mother or wife) individual in the family.

Finally, it must be considered that women are the reason why men have become weaker and less self-reliant. On the one hand, women had no choice in the matter, in accordance with the above mentioned course of history. While, on the other hand, women were not obliged to remain in this strong and determined role forever. However, it could be argued that women became so consumed and preoccupied by this role that they subsequently overlooked their own femininity and began to imitate men much more; imitating their behavior, gestures and habits. Women began to wear trousers, have short haircuts, use more foul language and smoke. They started to neglect a woman's mission in society.

To elicit the masculine potential in men, women must embrace their femininity. Women must look into their own souls. Their romantic and tender nature, which has given its place to a strong woman of principle, is hiding beneath this so called ‘modern woman'.

When a man feels next to him a modest, tender and delicate woman, he changes and his masculinity awakens. He will want to take control, protect a woman's femininity and is prepared and ready to take responsibility for the both of them. Man is able to develop and reaffirm his own value when he has a real woman next to him.

But who is this 'real woman´? Nowadays, people and society have replaced this traditional image with that of the strong, masculine woman who easily achieves her aims and objectives. This kind of woman is able to achieve happiness in both her private and professional life, but her happiness won't last long.

A real woman possesses an inner gentleness. She is a kind and loving wife and a caring and tender mother. Both vulnerable and in need of protection. She is able to ask, miss, wait for and forgive her beloved man. A ´real man´ is attracted to a woman´s feminine energy, in much the same way, a woman is attracted to a man's masculine energy.

To conclude, I would like to say that today a large proportion of women are complaining about a lack of real men. I believe that this is due to a lack of real women. Women have become domineering and hateful. No wonder men have become so weak and effeminate. A real princess will always find her perfect prince.



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