How TV has ruined your life

How TV has ruined your life

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Have you ever thought that TV influences your life a lot? 

Listen to this podcast and learn some new vocabulary and about the influence of TV on your life. 


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Written and voiced by Vera Sokolova

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How TV has ruined your life

The other day, I stumbled upon a set of videos, headed “Why TV has ruined your life”. Typically, I'm not a big fan of watching people, telling me what I do wrong with my life. Yet, the neurotic Brit who hosts the show had quite some good points to make.

Firstly, he pointed out that we got most of our phobias from TV. Now, I can totally relate to this one, as I was never afraid of sharks until I saw “The Jaws”. Nor was I scared of ghosts before, come to think of it.

Secondly, it looks like all the things we seem to aspire to in life, are not products of our imagination, but rather, that of a creative Marketing and PR department (this information will come in handy, if you, similarly to me, believe, that the perfect life is sitting on a Californian beach with a Pina Colada all day).

Thirdly, have you ever wondered why a perfect romance is supposed to start with two people falling madly in love at the first sight? And why on earth are they so sure they are the perfect match, simply because they finish each other's sentences, and, if given the chance, do wildly silly things to impress their other half? You might want to rethink this if you are tired of looking for that “perfect match”.

And finally, have you ever felt a false sense of company and security while watching TV? It's like, even if nobody understands you, that shiny box seems to do. In reality you get more and more alienated from your friends. Moreover, once outside, you are surprised to see that not every guy in the street is Brad Pitt (nor even Justin Beiber, if that suits you more).

To sum up, next time you are torn between watching Friends or Sex and the city, turn off the TV, and spend some time thinking what you really want from life. Who knows, maybe you won't need that tub of ice-cream after that.