Let's Get Happier!

Let's Get Happier!

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If you want to get happier, you will find some ideas how to do so in this podcast. 


Written and voiced by Vera Sokolova

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Let's Get Happier!

Recently I've been quite into the idea of getting less stressed and, well, happier. It's not that I rant and rave that often, nor do I lose my temper every day. Yet I've started getting fits of resentment when made to wait for too long in a queue or I find out my bus has just left. And as it's not typical of me to get stressed over such nonsense, I decided to explore the ways which could make me happier.

I'm a total bookworm, so whenever an issue comes up, I try to find the answer in a new book. So there I was, browsing through some volumes in a local bookshop, when I came across this brighty-coloured one called 'Project happiness' by Gretchen Rubin. I bought it and headed for home.

Now it should be said that the book is clearly aimed at such lazybones as me. No tricky concepts, no difficult tasks, just good old common sense, structured into monthly to-do lists. Just to give some examples – go to bed earlier, eat sensibly, don't gossip, allow yourself to fool around more, give positive feedback etc.

So I read it from cover to cover, tried to implement some of the advice into my life, failed, tried again, failed, tried again… I was on the verge of giving up when a friend of mine accused me of not following things through, which worked like a whip for me. So, I came up with a plan to deal with it. Now I have a cool colourful monthly plan pinned to the wall, and I place a cute sticker next to every task I manage to accomplish.

Conclusion? When you feel low and not motivated a colourful sticker can always help.