To Sex Or Not To Sex

To Sex Or Not To Sex

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Advantages of a new form of relationships “Friends with benefits”. No strings attached, just pleasure. And what do you think about it?


Voiced by Cheryl White

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When I was growing up in the Ukrainian countryside, the only possible way to manage your love life was to find Mr. or Ms. Right and live happily in a monogamous marriage ever after. Today, you have a variety of combinations of organizing your intimate life, from asexuality to a queer commune.
“Friends with benefits” is a form of relationships which takes over the world and is promoted in Hollywood movies.

Since I'm too old-fashioned to try it, I asked around about this format. Here's what I heard from my friends.
Mary, 30, "The best thing about friendship with benefits is it's more relaxed and chilly comparing to traditional romantic relationships. No expectations, no regrets. Your heart won't be broken the day you decide to quit."
Alex, 27, "You can laugh all the way and not focus on being perfect. No one expects a friend to be perfect."
Olga, 23, "It's all about my career now. I literally have no time for a coffee with my friends. Not to speak about a committed relationship. So when I want to spend a good time, I just text my male friend on WhatsApp. He's always available for me, what else could I ask for?"
Dmitry, 34, "I've already been married and I've been in a series of long-term relationships. I am done for now. I need some space and fresh air. It's about my priorities. Let Cinderellas who look for a Prince Charming step aside".

I poured wine into my glass and switched on a romantic comedy. Finally, if some don't need committed relations, others don't want any. At least for tonight.