Online Dating

Online Dating

LEVEL 3, 2 |

Can you really find love online? There are many dangers of an open digital door. But our Kutleta is brave enough... 

Voiced by Cheryl White

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

I have lived so many imaginary lives on dating sites that the concept of reincarnation isn't appealing to me anymore. Once a retired colonel of the glorious US Army wrote me quoting a slogan of his troops and reporting that life full of dignity was awaiting us. I could imagine myself lullabying our children, but I clearly saw we wouldn't agree on education issues. Another day I got a message from a Turkish guy of Bulgarian origin building spacecraft. We're close to reading and proofreading each other's scientific manuscripts, but what a pity – he had acrophobia, and I love mountains and heights. Dmitry from London wrote me that he was looking for a Ukrainian wife. "Dear Dmitri," I reply, " hold your horses. I don't want to move to London, but hope you'll find the One." Michael wrote, "I cannot afford frequent trips, but I hope we will meet someday." Sayid wrote in the very first message "i like you so much i love you so much" making me shed a tear. They write desperate copy-paste messages not even reading my profile. Well, when I feel bored, I check my messages on dating sites.
However, I had a few wonderful acquaintances online. Once we made friends with a French who helped me to purchase and deliver books for my PhD thesis, and then helped me to rent a room in a chapel near Trocadéro Square in Paris. You never know what online dating sites will bring out!