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You can learn a lot about people from their handwriting. 


Written by Olga Savytska

Voiced by Oleksandra Kashtalyan

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена


We all know that there are probably as many different handwriting styles as there are people. You can imagine how much it varies from one individual to another. Even the difference between signatures may tell a lot about its owner.

Our scribbles, whether they look like a chicken scratch or neat and orderly like a computer print, are unique. Even identical twins with their identical nature don't have the same handwriting. Thus we may assume that our handwriting styles are somehow tied with our personalities.

Sylvia Friedman, who is a certified master Graphologist and Handwriting analyst, has been working in this industry for 25 years. First and foremost, taking for analysis some person's handwriting, she looks at certain details, like slant, spacing, looping, size, pressure, person's signature etc. Each characteristic says something different about the writer's personality.

A person whose writing slants to the left may have trouble expressing himself, he's distant and nonchalant to people around him, prefers to work alone. A lack of slant says that a person has logical state of mind and doesn't let his emotions lead. If the writing slants to the right, this person is sociable, caring and open to the world.

According to Handwriting analysis, spacing represents the level of person's comfort in society. Having very small space between the words suggests that this person aspires to communication. It shows a constant pressure. A large gap says about the fact that a person has troubles relating himself to others. He needs his freedom.

A person who has loopy handwriting is sensitive to criticism, not loopy – is more recluse and isolated.

If the size of person's letters is large, it denotes his big personality and fast-moving mind that can't focus on one thing for too long. If letters are small, this person tends to be shy and introspective, has high level of concentration and is attentive to details. If the letters are of the average size it says that this person is well-adjusted, likes to be with people but appreciates his own time.

Great pressure shows tension, possible evil qualities, aggression. Average or light pressure shows that person goes with the flow.

A signature is person's public self image. A legible signature indicates integrity, confidence and leadership, not legible signature shows that the person is very private and hard to understand. A splashy signature with lots of loops or underscores might belong to someone who likes to show off. A long line or a swoop at the end of the signature also may indicate that the person is waiting to be noticed. If the signature is very small in comparison to the rest of person's writing, that shows shyness and modesty.

Nowadays graphology is considered to be a pseudoscience. There have been a lot of studies that tried to prove its accuracy, but none of them have been successful. But still studying handwriting can give us an idea of what kind of person we really are.