At the Doctor's

At the Doctor's

When you visit your doctor, you have to know how to describe your problems. 


Voiced by Mickey Cesar and Sophia Pelivanova

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

- Good afternoon, doctor.

- Hello, Sir. How may I help you?

- I haven't had a check-up for ages, but now I have caught some strange disease, and I don't know what to do. All the symptoms look very dangerous, maybe, will you recommend me some good syrup or effective drops?

- Ok, but tell me some details, please.

- I feel dizzy all the time, once I even fainted at work. My secretary had to pour cold water right on my expensive Gucci suit.

- Did somebody take your pulse?

- Yes. If you examine my chest, you will hear that my heart is throbbing!

- Have you ever had problems with you blood pressure?

- No, doctor. The only problems I had with pressure were at work!

- And what about your digestive system? Do you have a diarrhea or, maybe, you vomit.

- No, doctor, not at all. Because I hopelessly lost my appetite, and saliva is not produced at all. I don't remember when I ate for the last time. I lost 5 kilos and I'm so skinny now that even some big crow can steal me.

- Does anything else disturb you?

- Yes, sure it does! I've got aching muscles, and I feel so weak that even my legs tremble.

- Go on.

- I sleepwalk as well, and my lungs don't work properly. I can hardly breathe.

- It seems to me, I'm close to solving the mystery, but can you recall any especially strange symptoms?

- Yes, I can. I've got a few. A have a fever every time I see something red and my heels don't touch the ground, I feel as if I had a pair of wings behind me.

- Oh, that makes sense.

- What? Why are you smiling, doctor?

- Your disease is really contagious, very contagious.

- So, should I take some pills? Or maybe just painkillers? Is this some new epidemic of flu or pneumonia?

- No, no. This disease is veeery old. And here is your prescription.

- What? ‘To sleep and to buy some flowers for a person you are madly in love with'? Doctor… But doctor…

- Next, please!