How Do You Feel about Fortune-telling?

How Do You Feel about Fortune-telling?

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Would you like to know your future? 
How many ways of predicting the future do you know? 
Listen and learn!

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How Do You Feel about Fortune-telling?

How do you feel about fortune-telling? Numerology, palm reading, horoscopes, crystal balls - there are many different practices to predict the future. In the past, they were quite important, and to some people they still are.

Numerology is the belief that there is a mystical relationship between numbers and events. According to numerology.com, my number of the day is 4. Apparently this means today I am focused and work hard, avoid laziness and follow through on my words. That's actually true! But then, isn't that something I should do everyday? No mention of meeting a stranger, but I think I will at some point.

When it comes to the day or the week ahead you can't go wrong with a good horoscope. Horoscopes are based on astrological charts that tell you the position of planets at the time of your birth. These positions give you a zodiac star sign, commonly based on an animal. For example, I'm Pisces, the fish.

Each zodiac has their own unique temperament and skill set. As a Pisces, I'm very independent and I don't always follow rules. Which is just like me, last week I cut in line at the shop. I've also just returned from backpacking across South America. You know what? I like horoscopes now.

Superstitions are another way of predicting the future. There are all kinds of superstitions relating to our everyday life. For example, if you walk under a ladder you will have bad luck. If you open an umbrella indoors, you will have more bad luck! If you break a mirror, while walking under a ladder as a black cat wanders in front of you… Well, you might want to lock yourself in a room with some food and water for a while.

Oh. Hang on. I've just read the wrong one horoscope. That was Gemini. As Pisces, I'm too sensitive, and I avoid danger and adventures! But what about Peru!? What about the time I lost my wallet and had to borrow money from a stranger? Horoscopes are confusing, I seem to be all of them at once!

I think we've got something for everyone. If you look, you will find. A fun trick to play is to ask someone what star sign they are then read them out a different one. See if they find something true in it, and then reveal your trick.

Let's see what else we can do to predict the future.What about palm reading? The lines on your hands relate to your future. Palmistry, as it is also known, seems more like predicting the climate (global temperatures will rise 2 degrees) rather than predicting the weather (it won't rain today at 4).

Personally, I think that these ways of predicting the future are a bit of fun. They're a way for us to have a laugh at the crazy world we live in. For every person convinced by them, there is another who could not care less. Realistically we will never know the answers to the questions we ask ourselves about life, love, and the future.

Some say if you rub a rabbit's foot it will bring you good luck. I think it's worth a shot. So don't forget the foot.