What do you Think About Leggings?

What do you Think About Leggings?

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No matter which side of the whole ‘leggings as pants’ debate you’re on, chances are you still own at least one pair. Listen to our podcast and find out what men think about leggings.


Voiced by: Kirsten Colquhoun

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Special pants called "Leggings” have been popular for a few years now. Leggings are tight pants. They are made with cotton. Leggings also stretch around a person's legs. Women and girls usually wear leggings. Men and boys usually don't wear leggings.

We went to the street and asked men and women about leggings. We wanted to learn what opinions men and women have about leggings. This is what we learned:

We asked 50 women about leggings. Every woman said that she liked wearing leggings. Every woman said that they own leggings in more than one color. In fact, some women were wearing leggings when we talked to them!

Women said that they like leggings because they are comfortable. One woman told us that she loves wearing leggings because, “They feel like pajamas”. These pants are stretchy and are extremely comfortable to wear.

Another reason women said that they love leggings is because leggings make them feel sexy. A popular way to wear leggings is to pair them with boots. Women said that they feel sexy showing their curves without showing a lot of their skin.

The last opinion about leggings is that they are affordable. Leggings cost less money than other pants. It is cheaper to buy a pair of leggings. Jeans can be expensive. Dress pants can be even more expensive. However, leggings are never sold at a steep price.  

Not all men enjoy leggings. We asked men to describe leggings using adjectives. There are some men who used the words ugly, strange, weird, and unattractive. About 50% of the men we talked to say that they don't like leggings. They also say that they want women to stop wearing them. These 25 men said they hate leggings because they can see a woman's underwear. One man described his opinion as this: “ Leggings are not pants! Stop wearing them as pants. Men of the world are tired of seeing a woman's underwear under her thin leggings. Stop. Stop. Stop.”

It is true that thin leggings can sometimes become see through. Some leggings don't have a lot of material. When a woman bends over then her pants stretch. The pants are thin so the stretch makes the pants see through. Men had advice for this problem. One man told us that he asks his wife to wear very long shirts or sweaters with her leggings. “I don't want my wife showing her panties to the world”, he said. “She wears short dresses over her leggings and she looks gorgeous”.

Not all men hate leggings. There are several men who say that they love leggings. These men said that they love leggings because they think leggings are sexy. Half of the men we talked to say that leggings make a woman look beautiful and sexy. These men feel that leggings show the curves of a woman without making her look trashy or slutty.

The final answer about leggings is that the world is split. Some people like them. Some people hate them. To all the women out there, wear what you want to wear! If you enjoy leggings then wear them. However, maybe you should be careful when you bend over!