We all like a good party, right? Today we'll take a look at five types of people you will meet during your parties and figure out how to recognize them and, in some cases, ignore them.


Voiced by Cheryl White

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5 types of people you'll meet at EVERY party

We've all seen them, we know many of them, and some of us even are them. You are guaranteed to encounter at least one of these characters at every party, be it a college kegger, a family reunion or a black tie soiree.
1.The drinker. This person is on a mission: she won't stop until she destroys every drop. It's like the first time she learned about the existence of alcohol was at this party. When the alcohol kicks in so do the slurred speech, the wobbly walking, the puking.  Not a good sight.
2.The dancer. She thinks she's got the moves like Jagger, when in fact she has all the grace of a bull in a china shop. Her and the drinker are usually the same person.
3.The photographer. This one cannot let a single party moment go by undocumented. What's worse, she then posts all of these pictures on social media. Yes, all of them.
4.The talker. She would interject into any conversation, regardless of the topic, usually with a completely inappropriate remark. She also likes to tell corny jokes or longwinded stories, and she won't believe she's boring you even if you tell that straight to her face.
5.The party pooper. This person is never happy with anything, and she'll gladly voice her many complaints to anyone who'd listen. The music's too loud, the food's too bland, the crowd's too big, et cetera, et cetera… Just smile and nod when you hear her nag.

Now you know who won't be on the guest list for your next party. Forewarned is forearmed, right?