Unconventional Wedding

Unconventional Wedding

Would you like to find out more about not ordinary weddings? Would you like to know more about future tenses? Then listen to our podcast! Chill out and have fun)


Voiced by Ann Merrill

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Anna has little to do with traditional brides. Next week she is marrying her boyfriend but has no rush about the wedding organization. She has never dreamt of a perfect wedding. Everything perfect is boring to her. The wedding is on Saturday morning. After the official registration, the couple will have a breakfast in their favorite café with their family and closest friends. Next, they will catch the bus to the airport to have their flight to the honeymoon destination. No, it won't be a 5-star hotel near the sea with free cocktails and white furniture. They are going to Sri Lanka! They will experience all the local adventures. They will swim in the ocean, see ancient ruins and, of course, ride elephants! And what else will they do? They will drink cocoa milk and rum. They will swim in a waterfall and visit a tea plantation. They will hike the famous Adam's Peak mountain and chill out in their bungalow. Finally, they will go to Kandy city for spice shopping. Who said the perfect wedding means a white dress and champagne fountain?