Buzz Around Money

Buzz Around Money

Can money make a person happy? Let’s listen to our podcast and find out!

Voiced by Ann Merrill

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For many people, money is a more intimate topic than sex. For French, talking about money is a taboo. Is money the root of evil or an efficient tool for living a satisfying life? Can money make you happy? Does it make a difference whether you earn 1 million or 2 hundred dollars per month? Scholars who study happiness don't find the correlation between being rich and being happy. As a child, I thought about the richest people, for example, Bill Gates: where does he spend all of his money? Do people really need private planes and islands? Does earning more money mean to be more successful than others?

These days I'm reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, a book by a Canadian writer T. Harv Eker. This smiling guy says the world is full of money. The money you can easily get. He speaks of wealth and motivation. He seems to simplify the topic of money which is a very emotional topic for most of people. We can find the roots of our attitude to money in our childhood. Some parents teach their children that money is something dirty and bad. Others teach their children to appreciate money and learn to work since a very young age. Modern science says it doesn't matter whether you're the richest or the poorest person in your community. The secret way to wellbeing is beyond the money issue.