Expressions with 'BE'

Expressions with 'BE'

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This is a list of common expressions with the verb 'to be'.


Prepared and voiced by Mary Mironova


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Common Expressions with 'be'



  to be hungry

быть голодным

  I'm hungry. I want to eat.

  to be thirsty

быть (хотящим пить)

  I'm thirsty. I want to drink.

  to be late


  I'm sorry. I'm late.

  to be happy

быть счастливым

  I am very happy!

  to be sad

быть грустным

  I am not sad.

  to be rich

быть богатым

  I want to be rich. I am not rich.

  to be poor

быть бедным

  I don't want to be poor. Poor people don't have much money.

  to be at home

быть дома

  I am at home in the evening.

  to be at work

быть на работе

  I am at work at 1 p.m.

  to be in my room

быть в своей комнате

  I am in my room at night.

  to be friends with

быть друзьями/ дружить с кем-либо

  We are friends. Jessica is friends with Mike.

  to be cold


  I am cold.

  to be warm

мне тепло

  I am not cold, I am warm.

  to be sick

быть больным

  People in hospitals are sick.

  to be Okay /well /fine

быть в порядке/ быть здоровым

–     Don't worry.
–     I'm ok! I'm fine, thanks.

  to be tired

быть уставшим

  I am tired every evening.

  to be full

быть сытым

  Thanks, I don't want to eat. I am full.

  to be pretty

быть симпатичной (для женщин)

  She is very pretty.

  to be handsome

быть красивым (для мужчин)

  Johnny Depp is handsome.

  to be a (job)
  to be a doctor
  to be a nurse
  to be an engineer
  to be a teacher
  to be a student
  to be unemployed

быть (кем-то)
быть врачом
быть медсестрой
быть инженером
быть учителем
быть студентом
быть безработным

  I am a teacher.
  He is a doctor.
  She is a nurse.
  We are students.
  They are unemployed.

  to be married

быть женатым (замужем)

  He is married. He has a wife.

  to be single

быть неженатым (незамужней)

  We are single. We are not married.

  to be (American)

быть (национальность)

  She is Canadian.

  to be from (America)

быть из (страны)

  She is from Canada.

  to be (age)

быть (возраст)

  I am twenty-five.

  to be in love

быть влюбленным

  He is in love. He has a girlfriend.

  to be (name)

меня зовут (имя)

  I am Mary. He is John. They are Lily and Kevin.

  be sorry


  I'm so sorry!

  be away

быть не тут

  He's away.

  be back


  I'll be back!

  be interested in

интересоваться чем-то

  I'm interested in sports.

  be right

(быть) прав

  Of course you're right!

  be wrong

(быть) неправ

  I'm wrong.

  be in time

приходить заранее

  I'm in time to get ready.

  be on time

приходить вовремя

  He's always on time for the lesson.