Greeny Celebrates Christmas

Greeny Celebrates Christmas

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The holiday we are waiting for from the first days of winter is Christmas! 

Let's find out what Greeny does on Christmas! 


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Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

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Greeny Celebrates Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve.

“Christmas is my favourite holiday,” – I say – “Pinky, let's decorate a Christmas tree!”

“But Greeny, we haven't got a Christmas tree and ornaments for decoration.”

I smile and say:

“Gree-Cree-Tree!” – and we have a green Christmas tree.

“Wow” – Pinky is surprised – “but we haven't got any ornaments, how can we decorate it?”

“Don't worry, Pinky. We can make very nice ornaments ourselves. We need some paper and scissors.”

I take some white paper, fold it four times and cut. When I finish it looks like a beautiful white snowflake.

“It's great, Greeny!” – Pinky likes making snowflakes and we scissor out many of them.

Then I cut three big white circles and stick them together – it looks like a snowman. Pinky takes crayons and draws two eyes, a mouth and a carrot nose for a snowman. It looks very funny. I take some yellow paper and scissor out two bells and a big yellow star, we put them on our Christmas tree too. Pinky takes some blue paper and makes little Christmas angels. They are very nice. Now our Christmas tree is very beautiful.

“Greeny, now we can celebrate Christmas” – Pinky looks happy.

“No, Pinky, wait. Do you want to get a Christmas present from Saint Nicolas?”

“Yes, I like presents!”

“Then we need cookies for Santa and his reindeer. The best Christmas sweets are candy canes and gingerbread men.”

I say my magic words again and we have a plate with white and red candy canes and gingerbread men, they look yummy.

“But Greeny, when will Santa bring the presents?”

“Saint Nicolas comes when you are sleeping, eats the cookies and leaves the presents in the stockings.”

“Have we got stockings?”

“Yes, we have” and I show Pinky two green stockings for presents. Then I look at the clock – it's almost midnight.

“Pinky, Santa will come soon! We need to go to bed.”

“Goodnight!” – says Pinky and disappears.

Merry Christmas!” – I answer and fall asleep waiting for Santa and Christmas presents.