Cat Poem

Cat Poem

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What does a cat do? 

Learn some useful vocabulary with this Cat poem. 


Written and voiced by Mary Mironova

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Cat poem

It yawns, it purrs,

It jerks its tail,

It blinks, it winks,

It goes its way.


It flicks its ear,

Springs on the couch,

It's always here

Beside your pouch.


A cat is wise,

A cat is cute,

Until it claws

At your new boot.



to yawn - зевать

to purr – мурчать

to jerk – дергать

to blink – моргать

to wink – подмигивать

to flick – дергать

to spring – прыгать

a couch – диван

a pouch – сумка

wise – мудрый

cute – милый

to claw – царапать когтями