The Cost Of Love

The Cost Of Love

A story of Miguel, saving for the star.


Voiced by Bob Skinner

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Chemistry is overrated: love is all about math. I'm separated from Angelina Jolie by 1.3 thousand miles and $300. That's the price of economy flight to LA from Guadalajara. I make 3.5$ per day picking rubbish, cleaning off waste and sweeping the streets of Mexico's fourth largest city. That's 84$ a month, and if I'm lucky to pick up extra shifts on weekends. Subtract rent, groceries and other essentials and I get 25$ left. Out of these I send 20$ home to my parents. So, 5$ per month goes to my savings account. At this rate I'll get to Angelina in just 5 years!
 I started saving for the ticket the moment I heard about her divorce. Brad was not the man for her. What does he have going for himself besides his good looks and deep pockets? Me, I have fate on my side. I haven't given two chickens to the fortuneteller on Garibaldi Street for nothing. She predicted Angelina and I are going to tie the knot for sure. «Miguel,» she said, «it's written in the stars.»
So here I am, squirreling away every cent I can, getting ready to board that plane and go the distance. Will my hopes be crushed by rejection? It is a possibility. But no guts, no glory, right?