Finding Time For Me

Finding Time For Me

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If you're sick and tired of all the daily routines, you definitely need some time for yourself. Listen to our podcast and find out how you can relax and feel yourself happy.

Voiced by Sydney Shore

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

My daily routine was always very busy. I would wake up make breakfast for my family. Get the kids ready for school. Get myself ready for work.
After getting everyone out the door, I was then ready to begin my working day. I consider myself lucky to work from home. Even so, I never imagined that I could find any time for myself. My daily routine was really causing me stress. I needed to find something to help relieve it.
I walked into the living room to turn off the television and stopped to watch a short story about the health benefits of yoga. It got me thinking. Maybe yoga was the key to helping me cope with my daily stresses.
While on a walk I passed a local yoga studio, this time I went in and got a copy of their class schedule. I decided to try a class the next day. I loved it. It made me feel so good.
I was still unsure of how I could fit a class into my schedule so I decided to commit to one month of taking 3 classes per week. I took classes at different times of the day, gradually settling on a time that works best for me. 3 mornings a week, after I get my family out of the door, I head over to the studio. I find that by taking some time for me, I am able to give more time to all of my commitments. A regular yoga practice benefits every part of my life.