A New Life Needs New Furniture

A New Life Needs New Furniture

If you want to start a new life, buy new furniture. If you want to know how – ask Vivica :)

Voiced by Vivica Williams

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Next week, I'm moving to a new apartment in a new city. Now I live with my parents. I am very excited. Finally, I have a good job and can have my own place. 

The apartment does not have very much furniture. I saved money to buy some items. Every week, I will save more money to buy more items. First, I need a bed in my bedroom. I think this is maybe the most important piece of furniture, because I really love to sleep. I will also buy a nice set of linen, two pillows, and a blanket. I will also buy a nightstand.

Next, I will buy furniture for the living room. The apartment already has a couch, a comfortable armchair, a desk, and some lamps. I will buy new curtains for the two big windows. I will also buy a bookcase. I have a lot of books. Maybe I will buy two bookcases. Then I can buy more books!

The apartment has a second bedroom. This room will be for guests. It doesn't have any furniture. I will buy a mattress when I have more money. Then my guests will have a place to sleep.

I am going to enjoy my new life in this new city. I can make new friends, have new experiences, and always have a place to come home to that's mine.