Greeny. Story 5. Why I am hiding

Greeny. Story 5. Why I am hiding

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Why is Greeny hiding? 

Is it because he doesn't want anyone to see him?

Listen and find out why!


Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

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Story 5. Why I am hiding

Everybody goes home and the school is empty now. I can clean up. Let's see the hall. Oh, it's tidy here – all the books are on the book shelves and all the pens are in the pencil boxes. When I stand in front of the cupboard I hear a strange noise. What is it? “Greeeny, Greeenyyyy…” – somebody is calling my name. Oh, no! It's a teacher and she wants to find me. So, I run and hide behind the paper box. But the teacher comes to the hall and stands in front of the paper box. What can I do now? If someone sees me I will lose my magic. That's why I always hide from people. Maybe my magic can help me now. Teeny-Beeny-Greeny! And I disappear. Now I am not behind the paper box, I am under the table and there is a dust bin next to me. But the teacher comes closer to the table. It's like hide-and-seek. Magic words again – and I am in the cupboard between the books. The teacher now looks at the cupboard and can't see me – I am not there – I hide behind the plant and then under the chair. Ha-ha-ha! The teacher sits down on this chair and I need to hide again. Now I am in the drawer and there is a pen next to me. I take it and write a note to the teacher: “Please, don't try to find me because I can lose my magic if you see me.” I put the note on the table and quickly hide behind the door. She reads my note and says:”Sorry, Greeny. I didn't know” She promises that teachers and children will never look for me again.