Greeny. Story 7. Pinky's flat

Greeny. Story 7. Pinky's flat

Pinky shows Greeny her place. There are so many things in her flat! 

Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Story 7. Pinky's flat

I get up in the morning and look at the magic apple. “Hi, Pinky, can you hear me?” – I ask. “Hi, Greeny!” – I see her face in the apple, - “I am cleaning the flat. Will you help me?” – she asks. “Yes” – and I appear in her flat. “But at first I will show you all the rooms” – says Pinky. “This is a living room” – and I see a big room with a sofa, lamp and TV set. We go to the next room – the bedroom, there is a bed and some photos on the walls. “If you look out of the window, you will see the yard with the garden” – and I look out of the window. “And here is a dining room, the family has dinner or breakfast here” – Pinky shows me a room with a big round table, many chairs and a fireplace. It is very beautiful. Then she shows me a bathroom with a big mirror and a bath tub. “Look, Greeny. This is our kitchen – mummy cooks here” – I see a small kitchen with a fridge. “This flat is very nice” – I say. Pinky smiles and whispers – “I will tell you a secret”. She opens the last door and we see the stairs. “These are the stairs to the roof” – she tells me. We go upstairs and I see a big attic with boxes and old tables. Sometimes Pinky hides there. “Wow, it's so interesting! Will you come to my place next time?” She nods her head and says “ See you!”, I say “ Bye!” and we disappear.