Countries where Facebook is banned

Countries where Facebook is banned


Are there any North Koreans, Cubans, Chinese or Syrians in your friend list on Facebook? If yes, they are surely criminals. It is forbidden to use Facebook in these countries.

Voiced by Bob Skinner 

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

I moved house just recently, but much to my alarm I appear to have forgotten One vital thing (did you guess it?)  I forgot, yes…. I forgot to connect the Internet, now then, don't get me wrong I have always believed I could do without the internet. How wrong I was, how totally wrong,
I could not do without access to the Internet at all. Living in a foreign country as I do I rely on Facebook for all my news around the world,  Ok I have always said “ I don't like Facebook” it appears as though I was wrong, I may hate it but I can't do without it.

Anyway this made me think about how other countries cope with having a block or a ban on getting  a connection to the Internet or more precisely Facebook! So off I went and started my research, looking for all the information I could on, lack of bandwidth or living in an inaccessible area. Much to my surprise some countries have a total ban on Facebook and Google
I do feel sorry for: North Korea, Iran, China, Cuba, Bangladesh, Egypt? (of all places) and Vietnam, these are just a few places to mention but there appears to be many more. I shall not bore you with a lot of details, after all we want to have fun learning don't we?
Egypt! IT'S A NATO country “for crying out loud” did you notice that? (I gave you an Idiom) also being democratic (really???) wanting to join the ‘European Union'.
It appears that Turkey is very selective about its ban though, occasionally restoring access when the current environment allows it (no bombings or terrorism). It looks like the people need to shout a little more “GIVE ME BACK MY INTERNET”.
North Korea on the other hand. This country appears to be on a total lockdown having their own Intranet system, notice I said IntraNet not Internet.
What can I say about North Korea, not much really apart from “I think with my experience of the last week... and No internet, I'll stay clear of North Korea