Expressions with 'COME'. Part 1

Expressions with 'COME'. Part 1

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Hi, guys! I have decided to tell you about some expressions with the verb 'come'.  Are you ready to listen to me?


Written and voiced by Mary Mironova

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Expressions with 'COME'. Part 1

Hi, guys! How are you today? I have decided to tell you about some expressions with the verb 'come'. Are you ready to listen to me?

Lexie hadn't studied for exams and she passed them with flying colors.

' How come you didn't study at all and passed?' I asked her.
' It comes naturally,' she answered.

Have you spotted any expressions with 'come' in my story? How many did I use? That's right, I used two expressions with 'come'. The first one was 'how come', and the second one was 'it comes naturally'.

What does 'how come' mean? ' How come you didn't study and still passed?' – 'How come' means 'Why?' and 'How did it happen?'. That's right.

How come you're listening to this podcast right now? Улыбаюсь

The second expression was 'it comes naturally'. Lexie said that it comes naturally to her to pass exams without studying. Can you guess what it means? Is it difficult for Lexie? No, it isn't. 'To come naturally' means to be easy for someone, to be natural for this person.

What comes naturally to you?

My parents told me many times that I come across as a very shy person, even though actually I'm not that shy. I'm very sociable and friendly, as a matter of fact. Have you spotted an expression with 'come' in my sentence? 'To come across as'. Do you know what it means? It means 'to appear to have a certain character'. So ' come across as a shy person' means that I appear to be shy.

Do you come across as a shy or a friendly person?

'Come across' (without as) can also have another meaning. Listen to this. I was searching for information about food for my cat and I came across an interesting article on how pets affect our lives. Was I actually looking for that article? No, I wasn't. I found it accidentally. So ' come across something' means 'to find something by accident, without looking for it'.

Have you ever come across some important information?

Next week I'm going to a big party. We will celebrate the birthday of my cousin Annie, she's coming of age. How old is Annie going to be? She's turning 21 next week. She is coming of age. So what does 'come of age' mean? Do you have any ideas? Yes, you're right! 'To come of age' means 'to legally become an adult, to reach the age when you are legally responsible for your actions'.

Have you come of age already? When did or will it happen?

The best day of my life will be the day when my dream finally comes true! What will happen on the best day of my life? What does 'come true' mean? That's right, it means 'to materialize, to happen'. My dream comes true means that my dream becomes reality.

Have any of your dreams come true?

Well, now you know some new expressions with the verb 'come'. Good luck! Come again next time and listen to the next podcast in the series!