Greeny. Story 14. Present for Pinky

Greeny. Story 14. Present for Pinky

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Tomorrow is Pinky’s Birthday and Greeny wants to find a present for her. 

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Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

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Story 14. Present for Pinky

Tomorrow is Pinky's Birthday and I want to find a present for her. It is very interesting – to look for a present for your friend. You need to think about what your friend likes most of all. Well, speaking about Pinky, I know that she likes to play gamesthrow and catch a ball, play hide-and-seek and climb the trees. Also Pinky collects teddy bears and dolls – she has got 15 dolls and 10 teddy bears. Maybe I will give her a toy? It can be a train, a car or a boat… But I think she won't be surprised if she gets a toy on her Birthday. Pinky is very active, she likes singing and dancing, listening to music, swimming in the sea, walking in the park and talking to her friends. Maybe I will get her a bike? Oh, but I don't know if she can ride a bike. Ok, let me think more… My friend Pinky is very smart – she likes writing letters, counting numbers and drawing pictures. I know! I will give her a puzzle. When it's rainy she can stay at home and do the puzzles. She will like it very much. Oh, but what will she do when it's not rainy? She also likes running and jumping. And most of all she likes laughing. I have an idea!  I will give her another present – a kite. When it's sunny outside she can fly a kite, run after it and laugh. Pinky will be very surprised when she gets two presents – a kite for sunny days and a puzzle for rainy days! 



  • Birthday – день рождения
  • present – подарок
  • look for – искать
  • need – нужно
  • most of all – больше всего
  • play games – играть в игры
  • throw and catch a ball – бросать и ловить мяч
  • play hide-and-seek – играть в прятки
  • climb the trees – лазить по деревьям
  • collect – собирать, коллекционировать
  • teddy bears – плюшевые мишки
  • dolls – куклы
  • toy – игрушка
  • train – поезд
  • car – машинка
  • boat – лодочка
  • be surprised – быть удивленным
  • get – получать
  • active – активный
  • sing – петь
  • dance – танцевать
  • listen to music – слушать музыку
  • swim in the sea – плавать в море
  • walk in the park – гулять в парке
  • talk to her friends – говорить с друзьями
  • bike – велосипед
  • ride a bike – кататься на велосипеде
  • think – думать
  • smart – умный
  • write letters – писать письма
  • count numbers – считать цифры
  • draw pictures – рисовать картинки
  • puzzle – головоломка
  • stay at home – оставаться дома
  • do the puzzles – решать, собирать головоломки
  • run – бегать
  • jump – прыгать
  • laugh – смеяться
  • kite – воздушный змей
  • fly a kite – запускать воздушного змея